C² Grand Opening

There is a new celebrity in town: CSquared.

Aubrey Tjerivanga 1CSquared Menswear is Namibia’s most cutting edge high-end and bold menswear brand, and allows Namibians to own the hottest looks straight off the runaway and has created an exclusive space to showcase limited edition collections amidst a luxurious shopping environment.

CSquared in Namibia raised the bar for celebrity menswear with the opening the first international flagship store in Windhoek.

Everything about CSquared resonates quality. The moment you enter the shop you are embraced by a layout and shop design which is a piece of art by itself, which builds on the right mix between extremely high quality and modern design. Everything feels just right: the slim-cut, the fit, the quality.

CSquared showcases the finest blazers, suits, footwear, 100% cotton shirts, jackets, coats, trousers, happy socks, ties, pocket squares and other menswear accessories, in the store and online shop.

Sooo , what is in it for me, you ask?

Make your day a really different one with a handcrafted CSquared pocket square, a dandy lapel pin, a pair of happy  sox or any of the special items on offer.

The celebrated CSquared shop is located inside the Carl List Mall on the corner of Windhoek’s Independence Ave and Fidel Castro Street.

This is exactly where the CSquared man of today is going, because The CSquared man knows what he wants in life and understands that looking his best is often the way to get it.

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