How to button up a jacket

#CSquared Namibia

#CSquared Namibia

Sometimes we wonder how to button up a jacket. What buttons must be fastened and which not ?

A general rule provides that the lower button should be always unfastened as to facilitate the movement and to make the figure less stiff.

One button single-breasted jacket.

When the jacket has a single button it is good to leave it fastened. The single button is in fact suitable for more formal situations where the jacket should be unfastened when seated only.

Two buttons single-breasted jacket.

With the two buttons single-breasted jacket as seen on the photo above, it is expected that the lower button is left unfastened.

Three buttons single-breasted jacket.

With a three buttons single-breasted jacket we can choose if fastening the top button but the lower one must be always left unfastened. We suggests you to leave fastened the one in the middle only.