Matric 2016

#matric #csquarednamibia Your Matric Farewell… your night to remember forever![/caption]

Your Matric Farewell… your night to remember!

Whether you wear a stylish CSquared Fashion Tuxedo, an elegant Double Breasted Jacket or a Formal Black Suit, we will ensure you feel dressed to impress!

The CSquared Matric 2015 collection is on point regarding highest quality, best cut and perfect fit.

CSquared Matricwear comes in a wide variety of luxury fabrics, colours and styles and whatever suit you choose, will let you stand out from the rest.

CSquared is all about the perfect fit and attention to detail. Our Matricwear stylist will personalise your outfit and have you walk away proudly in proper swag.

To show you a variety of combinations, we did a fun shoot with volunteer models as a special preview for the aspirant dapper gentlemen among you in preparation for this year’s Matric Farewell Dance.