Sponsorship Policy

1238872_1068016756559306_6069892424112658057_nCSquared frequently receives requests for dressing presenters or styling and dressing models for fashion shows. Whilst we are very honoured to receive this recognition from the Namibian fashion industry, we wish to outline our policy in this regard:

CSquared is a high-end garment appealing to a very discerning clientele. Our clientele expects a product of exceptional quality and value. Any garment borrowed to a presenter or fashion model needs to be chemically cleaned after being worn, a process which significantly de-values the garment of its original quality. Instead of a new garment, we then would have to offer our clients a previously worn or “used” garment. You will appreciate that we are not prepared to do. We kindly ask your understanding in this matter.

Having said that, we are still very keen to support initiatives like your pageants, award ceremonies and fashion shows. Therefore, one way we could be of assistance is to give  a 30% discount on any item purchased from us for your presenter/s. The items are then owned by the presenter/model and it can be worn and used by them again. This could ,for example, even be included as a trade exchange agreement with your presenter/model when negotiating the presenters/models fee.

Should you need any further clarification in this regard, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.